Friday, January 27, 2017

Small towns impact new president...

 Small towns impact 
new president...

I didn’t join a “March”...  
(Some of my friends did.)
I didn’t trash cars or windows.
(My friends didn’t either.)
So what did I do?
I emailed the president.

Why do that?

You see, I had read on the internet that part of the Trump campaign strategy was to focus on small towns in America.  
Saleno Zito wrote in the New York Post this week that the Trump campaign went through town after town.  He saw them “worn down by neglect”.  Main Street shopping districts were half boarded up... etc.
So I wrote the president to encourage him to keep up his contact with small towns.  There are smart folks living out in the back roads or off the highways (and silly roundabouts) and our nation can’t afford to overlook this bank of talent.


I remember years ago after moving from a big city to rural Cannon Falls that one retired professor of journalism took to reading all the rural newspapers in Minnesota.
Then he would write a review and include some of the best articles he had found.
(Yes, I was pretty pleased to have him include some of mine.)
So I suggested to the new president that they have someone compile the information and ideas expressed in weekly newspapers all over the nation.
These insights might just be some of the most practical and wise pieces of advice he can get!  

But also

And I also suggested the president share his plans with these small newspapers too... but to keep his writing to “twitter-sized” columns.  
  But... I didn’t invite him to visit Cannon Falls.
We had another president do that a few years ago.
A nice enough fellow.
But it was exhausting for those in charge to make sure he was safe.

Previous suggestions

Now, do you think the president will take to heart my suggestions?  
I remember many years ago when I complained to Governor Harold LeVander about his budget.
Soon afterwards I got a large package in the mail.  It was his budget!
In other words, he was telling me to show him where to cut it!
I realized his point.
I’m still smiling.  
So if the president agrees to getting information from rural America... do I have any volunteers to help me read a zillion weekly newspapers?