Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crime Scene Mystery Book Tour!

The great response to my recent column about mystery writers locating crime scenes in and around our Cannon Valley, (like Christopher Valen’s novel, Bad Weeds Never Die), led me to want to have a “Crime Scene Mystery Book Tour” to check them out! 

We can make these books come to “life”, so to speak, and then end up at one of our local restaurants or winery to celebrate.

Some of the crime scene scenarios I heard about referred to bodies buried near the bluffs of the Cannon River, then some off a county road next to the Cannon River, then a murderer hiding out in Cherry Grove township, plus drugs and bodies hidden on a horse farm near Highway 52, etc.

We’ve also had some real ones... like the robber of the White Rock Bank who got stopped for speeding following his caper and then was later recognized by the same officer when he was looking at the bank’s surveillance video.

I figure you all have probably read about a lot more scenarios so please let me know so we can add them to the list.

Plus, we can invite some of these authors to join us.  
        John Sandford, author the Prey series with Detective Lucas Davenport, has a video online showing some of the scenes he used up in St. Paul.  (Check out: John Sandford - Scene of the crime on the Star Tribune website.)

We can video ourselves and our tour for YouTube and the world!

Keep reading and let us know the locations!