Friday, April 14, 2017

"Ripples"… the good you see ripples onward and we smile!

Wait a minute Sir!
How to get through the security check-in line at the airport without more stress?  Judy Schlekewy has a good hint that she figured out while watching her husband Bob.  
Along with everyone else, Bob had to empty his pockets into a bin and step along quickly to go through security.
All good so far.  
Except when hurrying to pick up his stuff... wallet, etc. Bob forgot his cell phone in the bin.  But an observant worker saw it and called him back.  
Thanks so much!
Now Judy’s idea is to pack all this sort of loose stuff in a plastic bag and you just have to pick up one item... not many.

 Friends like these!
Last Sunday I decided to visit a little church where I attend a book discussion during the week.  But I figured I’d had my share of liturgy over the years and decided I would sneak in late so I could just hear the sermon.
But I guess that’s not possible in a small town!
The “sneaky” part I mean.
First I snuck into the kitchen to drop off the leftovers of my cake  that didn’t get eaten at the book study earlier that week and was really tasty.  Then I headed upstairs to the sanctuary.
I quietly stepped inside and snuck into one of the rear pews. 
So far so good.
Except when I came in they were still doing the liturgy and the pastor stopped and looked at me and announced: Rosie, you can get the book out of the pew and read along.
Oh shucks!  And then I picked the wrong book and he said, the green one... and I got it!
But I looked at the congregation and said, “Gee, you sure can’t sneak into this church!”
Well, they’re my friends and they laughed.
Later on in the service I made another mistake!  At some point everyone sat down and I didn’t notice... until I saw I was the only one standing.  I turned to my friends behind me and said, why didn’t you clue me in!  
And one said, we thought maybe your knees wouldn’t like getting up again and we’re going to stand up in a minute anyway!  
Well... afterwards my cake made a hit! And one person was excited to tell me she had a story for the Ripples column!
You’re doing what?
Ever look inside the cover of an egg carton?   I have no idea why I did recently... but I saw it had a verse from Psalms 118:24 and said: This is the Day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” 
I thought it was a sweet thought... but on the other hand, if I’m reading the insides of egg cartons... I’ve got to get a life!  :)