Thursday, February 26, 2015

More "Good Guys" than "Bad Guys"!

  More “Good Guys” 
than “Bad Guys”!

Although the “bad guys” may get bigger headlines... after watching the Star of the North Awards ceremony for volunteers in Lakeville last week, I believe the “good guys” outnumber the others by alot.  Really.
And each of us could probably name a dozen more who also deserve awards!

For the past nine years, Congressman John Kline’s staff has arranged this event to bring attention to the good deeds of folks in the Second District of Minnesota.  As Kline explained,  “These ‘Star of the North’ honorees graciously and generously give their time and talents to make life better for someone beyond themselves in their neighborhoods and around the world.”

Some are anonymously nominated.   All without politics involved.
My husband found out who had nominated him.  It was me.  I had accidentally come across the award nomination form on the internet and because Sue Sullivan at the Beacon had previously written up a nice article about Paul’s projects, I decided to send it in for consideration.  (Funny how we need someone else to “validate” us!)

There’s no monetary reward.
Just recognition. 

 And Paul doesn’t feel he’s doing more than other folks.  But maybe this will encourage others to do similar things.

The groups ranged from children raising money for a friend who had leukemia or funding food for the needy to police departments organizing fund drives.
Of the over 50 groups and individuals getting the awards, three were from Cannon Falls. The Cannon Falls Middle and High School students, employees of Cannon Equipment and Paul Schluter.

And it’s my bet the “Good Guys” will beat the “Bad Guys” in the end!  You’ll see!

(Video from the presentation is on 

or on Youtube: Star of the North Awards 2015

 Cannon Falls Middle and High School students  
(Total was about 90 students plus 5 advisers) organized a Giving Tree drive to collect toys, clothing, books, food, and money at their school in December. Student Council and National Honor Society students helped promote the event and raffle tickets were sold for the honor of shaving the heads of two teachers. Within two weeks, one ton of food, and $1,400 was collected for the food shelf; and 2,400 gift items were delivered to the HOPE Coalition to distribute to local families. Accepting the award were Student Council Advisors Kate Dahlen and Lisa Endres, and students Caroline, Tayler, Leah, Hailey, Maddie, Carter, Taran, Molly, and Cooper.

 Employees of Cannon Equipment in Cannon Falls 
have supported the community food shelf for many years by donating food items, clothing, and cash. In 2014, employees raised more than $3,000 from a furniture and equipment silent auction, and $300 by paying to soak the management team in a dunk tank during their annual Team Cannon Day. Dan Rosa, a representative of Cannon Equipment’s management team accepted the award on behalf of the company.

 Paul Schluter, 77, is a retired Electrical Engineer who hasn’t cut back in volunteering within his community. With tax season here again, residents of Cannon Falls can depend on Schluter to help them file their taxes, like he has done for more than 15 years through a free program. In addition to serving on the Library Foundation for 17 years and 20 years on various boards with the Shepherd’s Center, plus 17 years on the township planning commission, Schluter facilitates citizens and law enforcement in the TRIAD organization to educate the public on crime trends and foster good law enforcement relations. Like other volunteers he also has projects like Meals on Wheels and going back to college part time.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Maybe it really is "all about me"! And that's OK!

Maybe it really is "all about me"!
(And that’s OK!)

Lightbulb joke:
Do you know how many people like you that it      takes to screw in a lightbulb?
You just hold the bulb in the socket and the world revolves around you!

I’ve been told that the world doesn’t really revolve around me.
Meaning that a person should care about others, not just themselves I suppose.
But I got to thinking the other day while doing chores around the farm, that maybe this isn’t true. 
For example, no one else can feel your pain like you do.   
How do you know what I’m feeling?
How intense the pain is.


And then I started wondering,,, just how many people does it take to make me feel comfortable?  
I thought about all the people it takes to get electricity to my house so I can work on projects.
Or get propane to keep me warm.
Or keep roads clear so once I finally plow through my snowy country driveway and get to the public roads - I can navigate safely.
Or how many people it takes just to keep people from hurting each other for whatever belief they have at that time.
Or to help me if I get hurt.

In other words, just to keep me safe and comfortable in my present status means an awful lot of people have to do their jobs.


On the other hand... when you think about it...  the nice part is that when all these folks do their jobs for me, it benefits you too!
So maybe it really is “all about us”!

Many years ago a man once said:  ... as you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me.  

So I’ve decided it’s OK that the world revolves around me. 
Because this means it’s also all about you!
We’re on this “ride” together.

It’s nice you’re here!