Saturday, June 24, 2017

A "life lesson: for a second grader... and all of us!

Sensitivity and learning a lesson..
Years later she has never forgotten the sensitivity of her second grade teacher. 
Here’s the story... as a tiny tot in school, Judy Schlekewy had noticed her friend had left her lunch money sitting in their locker area.  And she couldn’t resist the temptation.
She took it.
But then she was consumed with hiding the stolen coins.  
First under some stuff on her desk.
Then inside her desk.
Then under some cloth.
And on and on...
But she hadn’t been caught.
Or had she?
When the other little girl tearfully explained to the teacher that she had lost her lunch money, the teacher might have figured out what had happened.
But she didn’t accuse anyone.
Although she did encourage the money to be returned or “found”.
And little seven year old Judy, who was feeling guilty, made sure it was found.
But she spent an awful night worrying that the teacher would tell her parents and her friend what had happened.
The next day Judy showed up at school, waiting for the worst... but the teacher just announced that the money had been found.
And Judy recalled that she was so grateful for that reprieve that she has never stolen anything again!
A wise decision by a teacher led to a lovely “grown-up” lady.

Oh No!  You lost your “Hello Kitty” lunch box?   
A report came in to the Cannon Falls Police Department that a pink “Hello Kitty” lunch box was sitting on a street corner.  (In some places of this country you might be concerned and call the Bomb Squad!)
Officer Joshua Colvard located the lunchbox which appeared to have been dropped by a young student after getting off the school bus.  Officer Colvard traced the name on the lunch box to an address in the area and the lunchbox was returned.


Friday, June 2, 2017

 Can you choose who you are?

(Thoughts while watching the 
Little Cannon River rise in all the rain!
Now it's back in its banks again.).   

What do people tell you - about you?

I was the youngest in my family.
Everyone else was bigger and smarter.   
And I rebelled when I was consistently told that I was the “strong” one.
I didn’t feel strong.
I was really scared, lots of times.
(Like when my older sister - we shared a bedroom - told me there was a bear under my bed!)   

Who was “strong”?

And I had really “strong” family members to look up to.
My parents were immigrants.
My mother was an orphan in Europe after WWI.
My father left there too.
He came here and later built up his own business.
They met while taking English classes in the U.S.
My only sibling had serious health issues that she dealt with in a brave and powerful manner.
So as a wimpy little kid I KNEW I was not the strong one.

Why do people tell you these things?

As I grew up I finally realized they were not telling me that I was strong because I really was strong.
I decided they just needed someone to be strong in their lives.
And they chose me.
And so I stopped arguing with them.
Even if they weren’t right.

So what about you?

Now I wonder what you have been told that you are?
Maybe someone said you were “lazy”... or “boring”... or “dumb”.
But it’s your choice if you believe them or not.

Here’s another choice…

It’s my choice to tell you that you are “creative”... “smart”... and “kind”.
One reason is that’s what my spiritual belief system says we are designed to be.
And if you think you’re not any of these... keep in mind why my family told me I was strong.  
Because they needed that type of person around them.

And today we all need…

And I need all these types of folks around me!
So keep in mind that I see you this way.
And just be “creative... smart... and kind” - whether you believe it or not.
And we’ll all be better off!