Friday, November 16, 2012

The party’s over...
but who pays the costs?

Guess being a “fly-over” state isn’t so bad!  (This means the folks in the “know” think they “know” what political camp we are in so they won’t waste their efforts on it.)
 But, being a “fly-over” state (at least until near the end of the campaign) also means Minnesota doesn’t have to pay repeatedly for the safety of the candidates.  This can be costly to already tight city budgets.

While visiting Ohio a few days before the election, I read about all the visits they’ve had from candidates.
Dozens of times for Obama and Romney!
It probably was exciting at first.

I still think it was a blast to have President Obama visit Cannon Falls.  But would I want any of the candidates to stop by repeatedly?
It has nothing to do with their political views... or personalities.  But it has a lot to do with the cost of protecting them which could ruin already tight budgets.

And perhaps it can get to feel like the relative who comes to visit... too many times...for too long!  (Not referring to any of mine of course!)

You see, the communities hosting these visits have to “pony up” for keeping the visitors safe.  Cannon Falls had a lot of volunteer help from other police departments and the publicity showcasing the beauty of our  area was priceless.

According to an online article I read from WCPN radio, one of Ohio’s county sheriffs, a Democrat, said he wanted some help with the costs.  So he sent President Obama a bill for almost $50,000 and challenger Mitt Romney one for about $26,000.  Apparently he had sent a bill to the Secret Service but they said they weren’t responsible.  Then he sent one to the campaigns but was referred back to the secret service.   (Not identified if both campaigns did this.)

They said the mayor of Mansfield, Ohio, a Republican, sent a bill for around $21,000 to the Obama campaign.  A county commissioner, also a Republican, wanted to send a bill to that campaign for $3000 but their board decided not to.  

I love the quote they give their Governor.  He wondered that since the candidates were there so much they should pay income tax like sports figures do! 

With this insight in mind, I think when I run for President I’ll just tell folks to watch me on YouTube and use the money they save for a community “Booyah”!