Thursday, February 6, 2014

Government snoops… or just weird?

Government “snoops” or just weird?
We’ve heard about the government possibly tracking citizens by collecting data on their cell phones.   

But when I was having trouble with my new smart phone, the tech guy I called explained he couldn’t “look in” or “take over” my phone.
I informed him that the internet server guys do this when I’m having a problem with my computer.  Having them take remote control is a wonderful option for me because then they can get my computer back up and running.
And I wondered out loud... “Where are the government snoops when you need them?”

You can see that I’m trying to figure out how to use my first smartphone.  Actually I was quite happy with my old cell phone but my husband needed a new one and he likes techie things.
The problem is he expects me to know how to use them.  And the whole family can tell you that I have a special “touch” when it comes to goofing things up electronically. 
Like cameras and computers.
I was told that my son who is an experienced salesman for National Camera &Video in the twin cities tells customers about his mother’s frustrating experiences with cameras!  So if one works for her it must be good.
And while the Genius Bar tech guy at the Apple store was trying to figure out my problem with my "Mac" he suggested that Apple should run their ideas by me first to see if there are any problems popping up!

So to prevent these frustrating experiences with my new phone, I ordered several books from the library. I hoped to find one that I could understand.
Actually, maybe the local elementary school could have a class where their students help some of the rest of us figure this all out!

Anyway, one Sunday I packed up my latest “Dummies” book and headed to the phone store to have the salesman figure out what I needed to do.  (Actually, it’s comforting to see a real person get confused by the antics of my equipment!)
And quite a while later I headed back home with notes, an updated cell phone and a warning: be sure you turn off your phone so you don’t accidentally press a button and make a phone call.  

But you realize that this isn’t the end.
Because later that day I got a call from my daughter in Ohio.  She asked, “Did you call Mom?”  Well, I hadn’t called her but my phone had.   
Thinking it was just a glitch, I cleared out all my recent calls.  

The next day I noticed I had only made three calls as I was heading outside with my cross country skis to check the fence lines.   I had seen that some of the electric fencing had been pulled out on the horse pasture.  Probably from the deer not jumping high enough to get over.  
But then my phone rang.  I dug it out and it was from my son in the twin cities.  He asked, “Hi Mom, did you call?” 
I said, No, I’m heading outside right now.  
Well he had just received a call from me.  I thought, “This is really weird.”  

He explained that like my daughter the day before, he had received a call but when he answered there was no one there.
I checked my calls and was grateful that my phone hadn’t called any one else.
I have no clue as to what is going on.

But I think my phone is pretty cool if it gets my kids to call me!