Friday, May 19, 2017

Much better than 
     the “Toilet Bowl” award!

I consider “Awards” with mixed emotions.
So many people are doing good things and don’t get recognized for it.
So when I found a message on my answering machine that I was to be given a Congressional Commendation for the activities of a group I was with, I debated receiving it.

Actually, the last award I got was from our local 2016 Fantasy Football League.  When the season started I did great and won the first four games.    But perhaps because I’m a Vikings fan... I soon tanked.
So I was awarded a framed plaque stating I had won the “Toilet Bowl Champions” award.

Maybe this would be better

In spite of that I returned the call to the office of Second District Congressman, Jason Lewis, and heard them explain the award.
And I decided I would do it for TRIAD - Cannon Falls Area Citizens and Law Enforcement Partnership.
The award was really a nice thing and TRIAD promotes a safer community by sharing police information, techniques (like CSI stuff!) and concerns with adults and kids.

Then I realized that other folks should be included.  

Goodhue County Deputy Tom Wolner... he has been the on-site law enforcement rep for the group - he even comes to meetings on his day off!

Cannon Falls Police Chief Jeff McCormick.  Besides organizing public safety projects, Jeff fills in on emergencies... like the time our speaker was T-boned by a semi on his way to our meeting!  Jeff filled in as speaker.

Then there’s a ‘civilian’ who has been an integral part of TRIAD since its beginning, its treasurer Ray Kimmes.
There are other folks who could have been included but there was concern we wouldn’t all fit in the photo shoot!

Everyone is important in this group!

 But everyone in our TRIAD is important - from those who share their experiences to those of us who learn from them... adults and teens... really cool!
And kidding around with the congressman at the photo shoot was fun.  

 The “real” world

But coming back to the “real world”, after the ceremony... Ray Kimmes came to my farm and helped get my old 8N Ford tractor going and I mowed two pastures before sundown! 

Just like Cinderella... “after the Ball”!