Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fantasy Football!

         Football fans... fantasy or not!

                 Fantasy football... and relationships!
          The idea is to give a person the chance to “own” their own team... pick their players... and hopefully win a game or two.

          I’m fascinated with the game of football... although at the same time I’m alarmed at the injuries, concussions, etc.
          But with everyday life presenting so many opportunities to be frustrated - it’s kind of refreshing to see people bounce off each other and still keep on going!

          The Shepherd’s Center, with John Hobert as the “Commish”, was lining up a new Fantasy Football league.  Because I don’t know much about the details of football I decided to join my husband Paul to co-own a team.
          We were both concerned that we didn’t know enough because we don’t have Cable or Dish and basically only watch the Vikings play.  

          I figured I could learn from him as he is a passionate Vikings fan.  I should have realized I was in trouble at this point.
          Actually we started out all right when we had to pick a name for our team.
          The other players were all guys. Paul and I were the only double... so when Paul suggested our name be: Fantastic Duo, because we were playing Fantasy Football... I thought that was great.  Kind of like Batman and Robin (or Rosie)!
          Sounds like we were starting off all right!

          But we were still concerned that we didn’t know the process of the draft very well.  On that morning, I started out a little early and headed off alone to meet the other teams and start our draft session.  Here’s where the first glitch came in.
          When asked for the name of our team I replied: Dynamic Duo.  I didn’t realize until Paul came that I had accidentally changed our name!  But he decided this was OK.  (You can see that a problem is already showing up in our decision making process!)

          Then we had to pick a ball out of a box that would have the number for our position in the draft process.  I picked number 2.  That was OK with me because there were a lot of players to choose from.

          Now keep in mind that I had wanted to learn how to choose players from listening to Paul.  But that didn’t mean I wouldn’t have my own choices too!
          I decided I wanted Peyton Manning for my quarterback and he was available after the first team chose theirs.  But Paul had a different choice... he wanted Minnesota’s Teddy Bridgewater.  (This Viking connection trumps any choices I might have.)
          So this was our first choice?  I couldn’t believe it because the “experience factor” is very important to me.  (Like Manning winning a Super Bowl.)  But... I   sucked in my breath and heard him choose Teddy.  

          Then each time we chose a player I was reminded how carefully Paul makes his decisions.  And how slowly.
          That’s really good in most situations but I reminded him this was just a game.   (Actually I don’t think this is true when dealing with hard core fans.)
          We made it through and I will now research other players so I can give better suggestions. 

          It was a couple of days later that I found a link on the Yahoo Fantasy website that analyzed our picks.  We were the lowest ranked team in our league!  

          The report card from Yahoo stated: “It was almost too hard to watch as Paul & Rosie's Team took the second pick and drove any playoff hopes they had right off a cliff.   
          “Paul & Rosie's Team is a believer in the hopes of the Minnesota Vikings this season...  
          “Quarterback Colin Kaepernick (our back up quarterback) is the only above-average position on Paul & Rosie's Team.
          “They are projected to finish 1-12-0. (That’s one win and 12 losses.)  Bad enough for a sixth-place finish in Shepherd's Center League.”  (There are only six teams!)

          Well, in 55 years of marriage we have had many moments of agitation and strife. 
          We’ll make it though this one too.   
              And yes, next year Paul will probably want his team all by himself! 

                               (Go Vikings!)