Sunday, July 20, 2014

I spent how much? Where? Oh Oh!

I spent how much?  Where?

 An embarrassing but “cool” angle on why you may want to shop in your own small town is that: you know the store’s employees... and maybe more important... they know you!

Here is the scenario:
I don’t make it a habit to check my receipts when I purchase things.  I just figure the machine knows more than I do.  And I suppose I feel self conscious checking these things - like I don’t trust the clerk or something.

You realize I’m heading for trouble, right?

In Cannon Falls we have a special rate of 10% off in some stores when you shop on a Wednesday and are over 55 years.

Recently when making a purchase I noticed the clerk seemed new.  She was asking questions of her trainer.  And I asked if she had given me the discount. She hadn’t and corrected it.

And that’s probably when the mistake happened.

Another digit got added and instead of my signing a receipt for $13.28, I signed for one stating $113.28!

And I didn’t check it.   

But when our credit card payment came due, my husband noticed the large charge right away.  I think it was mainly because he was curious as to how much I was spending at the local liquor store!   
(Since he rarely has a glass of wine, I could be in big trouble here!)

So I took the credit card statement to the store and asked if they could check to see what I had bought a couple of weeks ago.  

I tried to look innocent... (more likely stupid)!   

But they took care of the problem.

And their research showed their mistake.

But they gave me a good warning to be sure to check my receipts in the future!

(Yes Mom!)

And what I learned was that mistakes can happen... but how nice to do it where folks know you and we could find out if it was just a mistake on my part or theirs.  

And get it fixed.

I’ll make a “toast” to that!