Friday, December 2, 2011

Not to be forgotten!

Tis the season to be jolly... (or not).

My mom died many years ago. So I’m over it, right? And most of the time, I am.
But as I walked through a grocery store recently I saw the new addition of special holiday treats. And tears started flowing down my cheeks.
Just arrived on the shelves were German Christmas breads... directly from Germany too.

And they reminded me of Christmases long ago.
Those were the times my mother would delight us with all her baking and the treats of that exciting time of the year. (It’s not a tradition that I have carried on, alas.)

Mom had been an orphan in europe before the first World War. She told us some of her tragic experiences.
But she also shared her German traditions and she really knew how to bake German Christmas cookies and sweets!

Actually, I didn’t care for some of them that much - except for the Spritz cookies! Made with real butter. You see, I was a little kid during World War II and we appreciated real butter.
Anyway, when I saw these German delights on the store’s shelves... through my tears... I knew I wanted to taste them once again.

Then I considered that maybe the breads would go best with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. As a kid I didn’t get wine. Nor much coffee either. Only a taste once in a while because I was told it might stunt your growth.
And then I wondered: does anyone “dunk” anymore? I mean dipping your slice of bread or roll in your coffee. I can’t remember when I’ve seen anyone do this recently.
Did we just do it because years ago the rolls dried out since we didn’t have airtight containers or freezers to keep them soft?

So many memories... but finally, later in the evening, with the snow falling lightly outside and a glass of wine for a toast inside, I cut open the festive breads and we tasted them once again.
And, you know... I still didn’t like them that much!
But I loved the memories that came with them.

So let’s take courage from the advice given by others who are missing loved ones... “Try not to think of what you have lost, but the joy you had.”

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!