Wednesday, December 14, 2016

 You remember 

it differently! 

Does it matter?

Sometimes you may not remember things from your past the same way someone else does. But it may not really matter anyway!

Except: what if they don’t even know you anymore? So maybe you just laugh and enjoy the moment you are having now.

It could be embarrassing! 

I recently was in contact with a fellow I knew back in elementary school... over 60 years ago.
I recall we “liked” each other back in 5th or 6th grade.

The reason I was looking him up now was because he was the editor of a newspaper in a large city where I found a story I thought was important and he would be interested in.
I “Googled” his name and found out that he had been quite “busy” in the past years. His Facebook page explained he was: “Married 30 years to my fourth wife.”
Four wives?

But would he remember me?

I emailed him at his newspaper. I didn’t explain who I was ... in case he didn’t remember me.
I wrote: I thought you and your readers would be interested in this project... etc. And I signed it: Bye for now, Rosie Hertzer Schluter. (Yes, my maiden name would be the one he might remember.)

The editor replied: “Please keep us informed on this story as it develops. Are you the Rosemary Hertzer that graduated from Roosevelt in 1956?”
I replied: “Yes. I also went to John Ericsson Grade School.”

He responded: “I didn't know you were in the City. I heard you were upstate somewhere. Best Wishes, Ed”.
I replied: "I'm a little south of the Cities. Cannon Falls. I still know you as 'Eddie'!”

He responded: “... and I still know you as Rosemary Hertzer who lived on 27th Avenue near the corner of 43rd Street.”
I replied: “You’re right about the address -BUT I’m not Rosemary... I’m Rosemarie!” (I recall that Rosemary was another little girl who was probably a nice kid but not one of my friends.)

We continued… 

So... it looked like he remembered me and in his next email he wrote: “I'm in Hawaii from October through April. But it would be lovely to have lunch sometime this summer if you're up in the City.”
I replied: “Hawaii? You are a wimp!”
He responded: “Yes, ‘wimp’--I'll admit it. Can't take the winters. But still love Minnesota--mostly in memory and reflection.”

He continued that he did recall me -and my name Rosemarie. Then he added: “The first girl I ever kissed. When we were about six.”
Well, he did remember! 
And so did I.