Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Make my day!" Really?

 “Make my day!”  (Really?)

I love the “coffee scene” from one of Clint Eastwood’s movies that a friend posted on Facebook.
But I have some questions about it!

The scene is where Eastwood has figured out that something is wrong in the diner where he has just gotten his regular cup of “coffee-to-go”. This is after he has left the diner and is tasting his “black only” coffee only to realize it is saturated with sugar... and he spit it out... and he figures out that this was a clue from the waitress that something is wrong.   It was really a signal for “help”! 

Life lesson...
Maybe this could be a point to consider as a “life lesson”:  when nice people - like the waitress - do strange things or just not what we want them to do... is this the moment to look around and see what is really going on?  And adjust our attitude?
Anyway... Eastwood goes to another entrance of the diner and quietly enters and sees several “bad guys” with their guns out trying to rob the patrons.

My questions come here.
When the ‘bad guys” see Eastwood they decide to have a conversation with him.
Really?  At that time? 
Then, when Eastwood reaches inside his suit jacket for what looks like a gun... almost in slow motion... they just stand there!  They don’t shoot.
Really?  (I thought it was only cops that weren’t supposed to shoot.)

Taking turns?
And then - how come each one of the “bad guys” seems to take his turn shooting at Eastwood?  So Eastwood has time to aim and shoot at each one of them in succession!
Oh yes... and then say his famous line...  “Make my day!”
I still love this scene.  
But it’s a “movie”.

On the other hand I like what one of my favorite real-life deputies taught me:  “It’s only about three percent of the people who are bad guys... the others have just made poor choices.  And you deal with them with those options in mind.”

Maybe someday they’ll make a movie of that too.



Friday, April 8, 2016

Your own Hall of Fame!

 Your personal “Hall of Fame”?

A big city high school recently decided to honor some of their graduates by electing them to their new Hall of Fame.  They had a lot to choose from since over 50,000 had graduated from Minneapolis Roosevelt since it opened back in 1921.  
I had never thought much about anyone besides my own classmates when I went there.  Of course we have since heard about Jesse Ventura becoming the governor of Minnesota.
But now I’m learning there were many others with distinguished careers, including a Nobel Laureate, a former U.S. Army Chief of Staff, many prominent professional athletes, noted authors, university professors, and other prominent political figures.  
Talented though goofy...
I knew my classmates were talented and smart even though we might act like "goof-balls".  But how would they fare out in the “world”?
You might think the same way about your classmates.
My nomination...
Last year I nominated a person for the school’s Hall of Fame but he wasn’t accepted.  Later I found out they had never received my nomination!
But when this year’s “Hall of Fame” nominees were announced I was glad to see he was accepted. 
The nominee was Dave Mona - the radio, TV and newspaper reporter.  Whoever nominated him this year explained that he was a “titan in the public relations field.”  Dave also has a weekly radio show, Sports Huddle, with Sid Hartman.  He won the Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards for his work.  He worked as a reporter for the Mpls. Tribune and served as a color analyst for U of Minnesota Gopher football.   
But back when I knew Dave he was just the little brother of my girlfriend.   At a slumber party at their home,  I remember Dave hanging around as a 10 year old... but as 15 year old teenage girls, we just ignored him.
The mayor...
Then there was Charles Stenvig who became mayor of Minneapolis.  He had graduated from college with a degree in sociology and become a police detective.  He won election twice in a row.  And then came back later on and won a third time.
But when he ran the first time, I didn’t know that we had gone to the same high school.  As a fledgling reporter, my city editor showed me about ten candidates running for the office.  
I recall that the editor was writing up the two major party candidates.  That pretty well gave me the choice of all the losers!
But I chose Stenvig!  And when he won I had good access to the mayor’s office!  (I’m still chuckling over that one!  “Hah! city editor!”) 
Plus there were sports figures who went on to play in the pros and the US Olympic team.  
And another student who became the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.
So now what?
So where does this leave me?
Well, I don’t imagine I’ll be in competition for the school’s Hall of Fame.
But I’ve had some very nice experiences in life.  And met some very nice people.  And hopefully my writing has encouraged or enlightened some too.
They’re all in my personal “Hall of Fame”! 
And you get to choose yours too!