Sunday, November 3, 2013

Virtual parties… is this the future?

“Virtual” parties!  
Is this the future?

   A request came via e-mail that seems to be appropriate for today’s internet savvy folks.  It was announcing a bridal shower.  
Not the regular kind where you go to someone’s house to celebrate.  Where they have spent hours cleaning and decorating.  And planning games.  And we have to get all dressed up to attend.

This was a “Virtual Bridal Shower”.  It was to be a surprise for the bride-to be.

Of course it wouldn’t bother her by surprising her at an inconvenient time because it would be “virtual”.

According to an internet dictionary this means that it’s not “physically existing... but “made by software to appear to do so”.

Those of us invited were asked to just send the “bride to be” a favorite family recipe.   And if we wanted, we could send a little something extra as a gift. That would be OK but no obligation.

I had mixed emotions on the idea.

On the one hand, I hate going to “showers”.  Maybe I’ve just gotten embarrassed by the dorkie games we are supposed to play and laugh at.  And because I probably won’t win any of the prizes.

And if I do win, they’ll continue to play and take the prizes away from those of us who won!  (I don’t like my attitude here, but it’s what it is!)

On the other hand, the nice part of “real life” parties is that I can see real people.  I enjoy hearing everyone talking and kidding each other.  And I learn so much about them and their families.

So, I guess I really feel both ways about having "real" and "virtual" parties.

Now my only question is: how do you eat a “virtual dessert”?