Sunday, October 6, 2013

A country moment... in the sky

After hours of frustration on the phone
 with our internet provider... 
trying to figure out how to recover files
 that had become inaccessible...
 after downloading the program
 they required me to change to...  

I went outside to feed horses... 
and saw this
"Country Moment"...

and a touch of beauty caressed my soul.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 A “Country” way to party!

It’s a “country” way to “party”!   And economical too!

Businesses having “Open Houses” to show off their products can be special treats in a small town because it’s a neat way to see what opportunities are available locally but also visit with your friends!

Last Saturday I “partied” all afternoon!

We started out at the Open House at Cannon Power Sports off Highway 52 south of town.   My husband would love an ATV but I want a vehicle that will cross the LIttle Cannon River, not just stay on land because we have property on both sides of the river.  But we hadn’t found a compromise we agreed on.

CPS was offering treats of hot dogs, cookies, popcorn, chips, etc.   And the owner is a friend of ours, Ray Schoenfelder. It was an excuse to say “Hi!”.

After getting a tour of the place from Ray, eating the treats and signing up for prizes - we had fun talking to all sorts of other friends - some we hadn’t seen for years.  

And of course, one of the company reps figured a way to modify an ATV to go through the river for me!
I’ll think about it fellas!

A short while later there was another Open House happening at Raw Bistro Pet Fare.   They have done a remarkable job remodeling the Lorentz Meat Locker Plant on Cannon Street.
They also had tasty hot dogs, chips and fresh salsa, fresh fruit, cocoa, etc.

I was excited to meet their guest speaker Katie K-9 from twin cities radio station FM 107.1.  Katie Riopel has a talk show giving advice and sharing her sense of humor from her many years of teaching dog training, etc. on Sundays from 4-6 p.m.  
On a podcast of her latest program at, Katie mentions Cannon Falls and a certain photographer who has horses.  A couple years ago I used to have a “blog” about the happenings in our town that I read on another program on that station.

I made some new friends too.  One is Pat Greene of Raw Bistro.   She explained to the guests before we went on a tour that the facility makes dog food as carefully as they would for human consumption.  They base their sourcing of quality ingredients from local or regional producers.
Actually, they have animal products that are more nutritional than some of my favorite human snacks.
It could be that our animals are fed better than we humans are.  

Actually that’s not a new idea.  You don’t want a sick or weak animal.
And I have often thought that mine are healthy because I don’t give them a choice as to what they can eat!    
Perhaps I need a “farmer” who is as strict with me!
Food for thought anyway.

Now this is not the end of the story... this weekend, Ferndale Market’s Five Year Anniversary Open House is coming up with more treats!

Look forward to meeting friends there too.

A fun “country” way to party!