Friday, September 9, 2016

“Keep the dream going...”

The Olympics!  
A miniature replica of the world - 
or of the USA!

That’s because every day in the USA we can see a similar variety of human beings and ethnic heritages that populate the entire planet.
  Sometimes while watching the games I could identify the athletes and their countries because their features looked similar... whether it was the color of their skin... the shape of their eyes... the texture of their hair... etc.
But not the athletes from the US!
What a variety!
They had an idea

Who knows if this mixing of heritages was even a probability in the creation of this “Great Experiment” back in 1776.  That’s when a few men, looking like they were wearing some definitely uncomfortable clothes, decided to announce to the world that they were forming a country in which “… all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights...”  etc.
I know it hasn’t worked perfectly.
But how many other countries have tried to do it?

Keep trying

As Timothy Egan explained in an opinion piece in the New York Times, “... there is no country on earth with our size, our racial diversity, our mix of religions that is close to bringing most of its citizens the rights and comforts of the modern age.”

So keep trying USA.
It's definitely worth a gold medal!
The world needs your dream.

     Can you match the athlete with their country?  


Answer:  They're all from the USA!  1) Gymnastics - Simone Biles    2) Soccer - 
Julie Johnston    3) Fencing - Muhammad Ibtihaj   4) Table Tennis - Lily Zhang   
Para Olympics Track and Field - Josiah Jamison   6) Water Polo  - Alex La    
Swimming - James Feigen    8) Wheelchair Basketball - Matthew Scott   


Monday, September 5, 2016

“He followed me home! 
Can I keep him?”
 “This grouse just followed me home... can I keep him?”  This is how Ray LoPresto of the Sogn Valley recalls telling his wife Judy about his new friend who accompanied him back from his hunting trek near home last fall.
 He named him “Gord”.  He had a book identifying the sex of a grouse by a description of its tail.   
How they met...
The two first met when Ray was hunting in his hills with a muzzle loader.  Ray was situated in a ground blind.  Gord was up in a tree but flew down to be near him.
Another time Ray was bow hunting and walking through the woods looking for a lost arrow   Gord flew down and decided to run alongside him.  He was so close Ray was concerned he might step on him!
Gord would also fly along with Ray’s ATV when he headed back home.
Or he would fly onto his head and knock his hat off.
Back at home Gord was comfortable too.  With Ray sitting on the back porch, Gord would sit on his arm.  
Or after supper, when Ray would went outside on the deck to smoke a cigar, Gord would show up to sit on the next chair.
And when Ray would split wood, Gord would come to watch. 
Did Gord like anyone else?
It took a while, Ray explained, but later on Gord adopted Judy too.  Gord would jump and whack their legs when he wanted attention.
  It seemed like Gord enjoyed being part of the family.
When the grandkids came to visit last Christmas, Gord would repeatedly jump up to the window in the front door to be able to see them inside.
Later on, when their youngest son and family were driving away, Gord was seen running after their car... down the driveway.
He likes to run, Ray explained.
Then when their oldest son was packing his car to leave, Gord was there too.  Ray looked out the window and saw his son on his knee talking to Gord.  He even patted the top of Gord’s head.
The future?
Recently Ray was gone from home for awhile and and hasn’t seen Gord since he got back.
He’s a little worried.
Ray and Judy are hoping that Gord might have found another bird-friend and that might mean more grouse friends for the LoPrestos.