Monday, March 9, 2015

You did it!

 Along the way... by Rosie
You forgot you couldn’t do it 
so you did it!

I forgot I couldn’t do it... so I did it!
Sometimes forgetfulness might be a good thing.  Because in some cases, we might limit ourselves... we might be our own worst enemy.
But even my family was surprised that I tried to do this.  You see they know how electronic contraptions (my word) and I quite often don’t work together well.
I hate hearing from a techie repair person... “I’ve never heard of this happening before!”  Or, “we should run our products past you before they go on the market!”

With trepidation

So it should have been with trepidation that I decided to buy a “smart watch”.
Actually, I didn’t know I was buying one.  I had started out to buy a fitness tracker, one that registers your steps, etc.   I researched on the internet and from friends and decided which one to buy.
But on the way, my husband suggested we stop at the store where we had bought our cell phones and get some information as to our wireless plans.  And while he was learning about that, I was informed they had recently gotten some fitness trackers in.
They hadn’t tried them out so they would help me set one up.
But of course we had trouble getting it to work correctly.  But  knowing we were dealing with my idiosyncracies I agreed to try it out.

Getting it to work creatively

And when I got home I  found I could get it to work by putting in on the opposite of what the instructions said and by touching it a different number of times than suggested.  
And it worked!
But I also realized that it not only told me how far I had walked or slept along with the time and alarms I could set, but warned me with a vibration if the weather was changing and flashed who was calling me on my cell phone or sending a note on Facebook!  And sometimes it just lights up all by itself!

An “electromagnetic personality” like Greg Magnuson and his wife Carol recalled that when they married some 40 years ago “we weren’t surrounded by all these computerized gadgets like cell phones, smart watches, etc.”     

Electromagnetic personalities!”

This is when I thought of Greg Magnuson.  He’s the only one I’ve met who really understands the challenge some of us have with what he calls: an “electomagnetic personality”!
You see Greg isn’t allowed near their TV remote control because it stops working then.  And although his two year old grandson can push the alarm button on his automobile key ring, Greg has trouble getting it to work.
When Greg was visiting his accountant, the computer screen stopped working... so Greg stepped back three steps and it worked again!

It’s not unusual at a store like Target or Sears to see Greg stand a few steps away from the check-out line while his wife Carol pays for their purchases.  You see, sometimes when the clerk is scanning their purchases the machine doesn’t work... so they call a supervisor over... and   then Greg steps back a few steps and everything works just fine.
Also his boss at work doesn’t allow him to use their computer very often.

This brought up the question as to how can he drive a car today?  Or does he have a vintage auto that doesn’t have all the computer electronics embedded in it?
Greg explained that the computer parts in cars are shielded because other equipment could interfere with them.   But he has a problem when pushing buttons on the radio.

At this point I decided to take a picture of the two of them.  You guessed right.  The camera automatically closed and signaled me that I had to “Change Battery Pack”.  This was just a coincidence, right?