Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ripple Effect #2

"The Ripples Effect" column 
Whatever you call it... act of kindness... a day brightener or finding “flecks of gold” sparkling in our lives.   Share the good things you notice.   

Lights in the night...
On a cold dark winter’s night...  on a lonely country road... it’s so heartwarming to see the multi colored lights sparkling brightly after you come off the “stupid” (my thoughts!) roundabouts on Highway 52 and cruise about a half mile down the pitch black roadway of County 24 Blvd and reach the corner of Willow Trail.  Thanks so much!
“Chain of Kindness!”
Teacher Barb Templin recalled that in the past her class in Cannon Falls had been reading the story,  A Christmas Carol.  As part of their study the students made a “Chain of Kindness”.   Each one would write a kind thing they had done on a strip of paper which would be added to the chain links and these would be hanging around the room.  (This could be fun to do in other situations all year long!

         Good neighbors...
Marv and Lois Nelson caught me at the Grow Cannon Falls meeting and enthusiastically talked about their neighbors.  One had taken care of his wife who had Alzheimers and he also picked up the mail for another elderly neighbor and when he delivers it he checks up on her being safe.  

Then there’s another neighbor who had knee surgery and now is “a fanatic about walking” to stay in shape.  As he goes about his exercise routine he picks up any debris he finds along the way... and cleans up the city parking lot too!  

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